About us

About Us

Ming’s Mark, Inc., is an International wholesale and trade company. Based in the USA, we design all of our products to better serve the American people. We sell our branded products to distributors throughout North America.Rated among the top best brands thanks to our satisfied customers. The company’s market position is established on their product’s high quality and user friendly technology developed by US-based experts in the field. If you are interested on any particular item or if you have any questions or concerns, we also have an excellent unique customer service, give us a call or contact us for more information.


GoWISE USA is a Ming’s Mark brand creating eco-friendly, stress-free, and easy-to-use products. The mission is to offer products that make it possible to maximize time usage in common households and create wise solutions for the end user. With the air fryers, pressure cookers, blood pressure monitors, pedometers and bathroom scales; thousands of families can complete everyday jobs in an easy and healthy way.

American Outland

American Outland creats a line of innovative products that help people control outside pets while camping or practicing outdoor activities. We aim to control those pesky insects with electronic outdoor Bug Zappers that can cover outdoor and indoor areas. Safe to use, design to last the outer casing is made with ABS fireproof plastic. It is ideal for use in the home or gardens. Use non-toxic and eco-friendly products It is TUV/GS safety certified.

Stylish Camping

Stylish Camping products are high quality camping outdoor furniture, rugs, mats, and accessories. We make it easier to rough it! We carry fine aluminum camping chairs, lounge chairs, tables, stools, RV reversible outdoor patio mats, and accessories. Our products are design to save space, money and the earth.

Green LongLife

Green LongLife is one of our biggest Global friendly lines. Green products save the environment and our products save money, too! We design top quality LED replacement bulbs for automotive, RV and Marine applications. The light fixtures, lanterns, solar panels and solar lights are the newest technology. You can help saving the world by using Eco-friendly products designed carefully by experts.

Power Tech-On

Power Tech-On distributes inverters across the USA, as an advanced tool of power conversion power inverters can supply AC power converted from a DC power source. We serve automotive industry, vessels, camping and power failure emergencies. Pure Sine inverters are a stable power source.