PURE sine wave Inverter 3000W

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Power Tech-On Advanced Technology PURE SINE Power Inverter 3000W Continuous/6000W Surge, 12V DC to 120V AC w/ Black and Red Cables w/ Ring Terminals, Remote Switch, 5 kinds of Protection Systems and 4 Output Sockets PS1004
Ideal use in cars, vessels, and for power failure emergencies and guarantees maximum efficiency with computers, sensitive equipment, and more.
5 Protection systems: Thermal protection, Overload protection, Over Voltage protection, Under Voltage protection, Low Voltage protection alarm. Inverter comes with an LED light to indicate the problem.
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <3%; Soft start low interference tech and temperature control cooling fan. Output Voltage: AC 120V; Frequency: 60Hz 6000W Surge power, 3000 Continuous Power; Inverter comes with Black and Red Cables w/ Ring Terminals, Remote Switch and 3 AC sockets and 1 USB Port 5V, 2000mA and a detailed instruction manual for set-up.